Saturday, April 19, 2008


This Recipe is My Son's special, I want to give egg to him. But he doesn't like omelet or boiled egg anything.....
Now he is happy with this.....:) :) :)
In fact, you can eat one egg every day without harming your cholesterol and other blood-fat levels. That's really good news because eggs are very satisfying. Eating one egg as part of a healthy breakfast may help you lose weight by keeping you from getting hungry later in the morning.

Egg Nutrition:
It is clear that eggs are an excellent source of calories (75 calories), cholesterol (213 mg), protein (6.25 gm), and a variety of important nutrients for the body.

Leftover dosa dough: 1cup
Egg : 1
Oil : 1tsp
Pepper powder
  • When the pan is fully heated, take some dosa batter and spread it on the pan into a round shape.
  • Now break one egg, and spread on the dosa .Sprinkle salt and pepper powder on that Spread oil around the dosa.
  • Cook till golden brown .Remove and serve with chutney!

For Dosa batter:

1 cup urad dal

1.5 cup rice

Wash and Soak urad dal and rice for 6 hours. Grind into paste like condensed milk (not normal milk) constancy. Cover and keep aside for overnight. Add salt to taste and mix it well .

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