Sunday, April 27, 2008


Avocados provide more than 25 essential nutrients, including fiber, potassium, Vitamin E, B-vitamins and folic acid. They also act as a "nutrient booster" by enabling the body to absorb more fat-soluble nutrients, such as alpha- and beta-carotene and lutein, in foods that are eaten with the fruit. And good to improve high blood pressure problem.

Avocado 1

Milk 1 cup

water 1 cup

sugar 2 tbls


  • Start by cutting the avocado lengthwise around the seed. Then cup it between palms of hands and gently twist halves apart. Tap seed with sharp edge of knife. Gently lift or pry seed out. simply scoop out the avocado meat with a spoon.

  • Place avocado, sugar, milk,water and ice into a blender. Puree until smooth.
    If u want, You can mix caramel or chocolate in this. I added caramel.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Punukulu is a simple snack which comes in handy. In Andhra we have different kind of punukulu like bonda, bajji, Mysore bajji, pesara punukulu. Now I want to mention all these here:


Method 1:

Urad daal : 1 cup
Plain flour : 1/2 cup
Onion : 1
Green chillies : 2
Ginger : 1/2"
Cooking soda

Soak the Gram daal in water for 5 hours and grind it to a smooth thick batter. Keep aside this batter for 4 to 5 hours. Finely chop the onions, chillies, ginger and mix into this batter with salt, soda. Heat oil in a kadai, take a tsp of batter and drop it into the hot oil. Fry until golden brown and eat hot with coconut chutney.

Method 2:

Urad daal flour : 1.5 cup
Rice flour : 1/2 cup
Cooking soda (optional)

We can get this flours in Indian shops, otherwise we can make at home with the help of mixi.
Mix the water into urad daal flour and rice flour, and keep aside this for 8 hours . Later mix the salt and soda. Heat oil in a kadai, take a tsp of batter and drop it into the hot oil. Fry until golden brown and eat hot with coconut chutney.
This batter is good for dosa also,but you have to mix more water for dosa.


Method 1:

Plain flour/Maida 2 cups
Curd 1 cup
Cooking soda

Mix the curd in plain flour, soak for 6 hours. And mix soda and salt in this. Heat oil in a kadai, take a tsp of batter and drop it into the hot oil. Fry until golden brown and eat hot with chutney.

Method 2:

Semolina / Bombai ravva -2 cups
Curd -1 cup
Cooking soda

Mix the curd in ravva, soak for 6 hours. And mix soda and salt in this. Heat oil in a kadai, take a tsp of batter and drop it into the hot oil. Fry until golden brown and eat hot with chutney.


Mix the plain flour, salt, onion, chilly and ginger in Dosa batter. Heat oil in a kadai, take a tsp of batter and drop it into the hot oil. Fry until golden brown and eat hot with any chutney.


Moong daal / Green gram - 2 cups
Chillies - 4
Ginger - 1/2 "

Soak moong daal 1 to 2 hours ( If whole moong means soak nearly 8 hours) in water and grind it past along with chillies, ginger and salt. Heat oil in a kadai, take a tsp of batter and drop it into the hot oil. Fry until golden brown and eat hot with ginger chutney .

Chayote Curry / Bengalore Vankaya Kura

The chayote, a climbing plant originally from Mexico, belongs to the melons family. It has so many names, in Hyderabad we are calling Bangalore vankaya, in Chennai and Jamaica, they are calling chow chow, English: chayote, vegetable pear, Malaysia: English cucumber.

Nutritional Values Very low in calories, (12 calories per 100 g on average), chayote contains 0.5% protein, 0.2% lipids and 2% sugars.

Chayote / Bangalore Vankaya - 3
Onion - 1 big
green chillies - 5
coriander powder - 1 Tsp
turmeric powder - 1/4 Tsp
Oil - 1 Tblsp

For tempering:

Cumin seeds - 1/2 tsp
Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
Black gram - 1 tsp
Bengal gram - 1 tsp
Red chillies - 1
Curry leaves


  • Chop the onions and green chillies and keep aside.
  • Peel & Cut the chayote into small size pieces (remove the seed). And Place chopped chayote, salt into a bowl. Mix by hand and squeeze out as much liquid as possible from chayote.

  • Now Heat oil in a skillet, add tempering curry leaves, cumin, mustard seeds,black gram, Bengal gram,red chillies. When seeds start to jump around, add the chopped green chillies and onion. Saute them for few minutes.
  • Later add chayote in that Mix thoroughly and cook for 5 minutes, covered with lid.

  • Add the coriander powder, turmeric powder, salt and mix well and cook till done.

Monday, April 21, 2008


My Mum used to make this recipe, when I was in schooling. And she used to make different varieties of rotties for us, like dibba rotti (only with urad daal), rotti mukka (with rice ravva, grated coconut and chaana dhaal) , thaati rotti (rice ravva and thati kaayalu) etc... If anybody wintrest to know that recipes means give a message to me, i will post for You.

You can use Idly ravva instead of rice ravva. Even we may prepare this recipe, when we are getting ready to office. Ofcourse we can make big one for all and cut it like cake. This is only for my Hubby, so i prepared small one.

Urad dhaal : 1 cup
Rice ravva : 1.5 cup
Oil : 1 tbsp

  • Soak Urad daal in water for 6 hours and Grind this very fine with minimal some water (Like Idly dough).

  • Soak rice ravva in water for 2hours. Later Squeeze the excess water from rice ravva and mix into the urad dhaal dough with salt.This dough again soak overnight.

  • Heat a kadai/wok, Pour oil in that when heat the Pour dough and Cook covered in slow flame until you sniff the smell. It might be take 10 mints or more,that's depends on quantity. Turn around and let it cook for 5 mints in low heat.switch off the stove when it will come crispy golden brown colour.

Serve with Pudina chutney!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


3/4 cup Prawns shelled and deveined

1 cup Drumstick pieces

1 big Tomatoes - cut into small pieces

2 Onion finely chopped

1 tsp Red chilly powder

1tsp Ginger & Garlic past

4 Green chillies

5 Cloves

1tsp Coriander powder

1 tbsp Oil



  • Heat oil in a kadai and when very hot put in that cloves, onions, green chillies ginger& garlic past.

  • When onions turns limp, add chilly powder, coriander powder and fry for a minute.

  • Add tomato, drumsticks fry for another 2 minutes then add the prawns and mix well, cover with lid and let it them for 5 minutes.

  • Now add salt, 1/2 cup water and cook the prawn until prawns are well cooked.

Serve hot and enjoy!.


You can prepare this curry same like this with cashews instead of prawns.

Just before 15 mints soak the cashews and use in the place of prawns. That's it.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


This Recipe is My Son's special, I want to give egg to him. But he doesn't like omelet or boiled egg anything.....
Now he is happy with this.....:) :) :)
In fact, you can eat one egg every day without harming your cholesterol and other blood-fat levels. That's really good news because eggs are very satisfying. Eating one egg as part of a healthy breakfast may help you lose weight by keeping you from getting hungry later in the morning.

Egg Nutrition:
It is clear that eggs are an excellent source of calories (75 calories), cholesterol (213 mg), protein (6.25 gm), and a variety of important nutrients for the body.

Leftover dosa dough: 1cup
Egg : 1
Oil : 1tsp
Pepper powder
  • When the pan is fully heated, take some dosa batter and spread it on the pan into a round shape.
  • Now break one egg, and spread on the dosa .Sprinkle salt and pepper powder on that Spread oil around the dosa.
  • Cook till golden brown .Remove and serve with chutney!

For Dosa batter:

1 cup urad dal

1.5 cup rice

Wash and Soak urad dal and rice for 6 hours. Grind into paste like condensed milk (not normal milk) constancy. Cover and keep aside for overnight. Add salt to taste and mix it well .

Thursday, April 17, 2008


One of my favorite food is biriyani. I love to eat any biriyani like hydrabed dhum biriyani, Kosta prawns biriyani, vegetable biriyani anything.
I ate this dish two years back but i don't know method .Finally yesterday I tried this pudina biriyani..... Wow Its yummy .... Great. It is a one-pot rice dish, just like a vegetable biriyani, only small changes is there.


2 Cups Rice
1 Bunch Pudina/ Mint
1 Tbsp Ginger & Garlic Past
5 Green chillies slit length wise
1 Carrot
1 Beetroot
1/2 Cup Green Peas
1 Tbsp ghee
2 Cardamoms
½ Spoon Red Chilly powder
1 Bay leaf
10 Cloves
1 Cinnamon stick
1 Tsp coriander powder
2 Tbls Oil
3 Cups water
Salt to taste
  • Make Masala powder in grinder with Bay leaf, 6 cloves, Cinnamon stick.
  • Chop the carrot and beetroot.
  • Wash the rice thoroughly and drain in a sieve and set aside.
  • Separate pudina leaves from the stem and wash properly then cook 2 mints in microwave. and make it smooth paste along with 1 tsp of water.
  • In a pressure cooker heat oil along with ghee and fry Cardamoms and remaing cloves until aromatic (this cordamoms and cloves gives good flavors to biriyani).Then add peas,chopped chilly, carrot and beetroot stir for 2 mints, at this stage add chilly powder, daniya powder, masala powder and ginger& garlic past. Let them cook for 5 mints.
  • Later on add pudina past to vegetables and stir well until raw smell will go from pudina.
  • Add rice and salt to this and fry 2 more mints. Finally mix the water and let it cook covered with lid. After first Wiesel reduce heat to low and let it cook 10 mints.


I prefer to cook biriyani in pressure cooker, if you feel comfort make in oven for better taste. Better not to use tomato in this.

There is no pudina, no taste. There is no beetroot, no colour. There is no cloves no flavor.


I love to cook more varieties with capsicum, unfortunately I know very few recipes with capsicum. I like to prepare spicy curries, this is one of my favorites vegetarian curry.

Anyway I will introduce one tasty spicy variety with this. In my ideas its great for parties as vegetarian variety. Yeah... Looks good... Colourful...

I have used only red and green, you can use yellow one as well.


Capsicums - 3
Fresh Coconut - 1/4 cup
Onion - 2
Tomato - 2
Ginger & Garlic Past - 1 tsp
Green Chilies - 7
Puppy Seeds - 2 tsp
Sesame Seeds - 2 tsp
Coriander Leaves - 1 bunch
Oil - 2 tbls

  • Chop the capsicum, onion, tomato,coriander leaves into small peaces. Crush coconut and slices the chillies.

  • In a kadai or saute pan, heat oil and add chopped onion. Saute until onion become soft. then add ginger&garlic past later on add chopped tomato and chilly fry another 2 min. Now mix the capsicum in that and cover the lid and cook for 5 min.

  • Meanwhile prepare the sesame & puppy seeds powder. In thick sauce pan once fry the sesame seeds and transfer to a blender, in the same pan fry the puppy seeds for 30sec and grind along with sesame seeds.

  • Mix this sesame & puppy seeds powder into the curry and Cook until the capsicum become tender and add salt.

  • At this stage we can add fresh coconut. (some of them don't like fresh coconut in this if so, u can grind dry coconut along with sesame seeds powder. i like this one) and cook two more minutes

  • Take off from the heat and add chopped coriander.

Serve this capsicum coconut with chapati or steamed hot rice

Tuesday, April 15, 2008



corn chips - 50g
tomato - 1
onion - 1
carrot - 1
peach - 1
lemon - 1
curd - 2tsp
tomato sauce


1 Take onion,tomato,peach and cut into small peaces.
2 grate the carrot
3 once crush the cornchips (crush only once)
4 and take 2tsps of lemon juice from lemon.
5 mix tomato sauce properly with onion,carrot,tomato,peach,cornchips,lemon juice.
6.finally serve in plates and decorate with curd.