Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pesara Punuklu (Moong dhal dumplings) curry

Short Blogging Break:
As many of you may have noticed, posting has been a little light over the past few weeks. Iam busy with shopping and packing...Yes, Iam going to India for four weeks. This would be my last post until September. I will be on a blog break from Aug 9th until September. I will share all of your posts after my break.
I would like to thank every one for all their support and visits. I will be back with India trip photos and our traditional recipes.
Enjoy This month's one and only dish

Pesara punukula kura:

Moong dhal 1cup
Sago 1sp

Red chilly powder 1tbs
Corriender powder 1sp
Cumin powder 1sp
Turmaric powder1/4sp
Green chillies 2
Sugar 1Sp
Milk 1/2 cup
Oil 2tbs

Onion 1big
Ginger 1"
Garlic 2
Pappy seeds 1Sp
Cardamons 2

Tomato 2

Grated coconut 1tbs

Cashew nuts 1tbs

Curd 1.5 tbs

Soak the moong dhal, sago for 1 hour and grind together, add salt. Make rounds of the moong dough. Deep fry that till golden brown. Drain and keep aside.

Now we have to make 4 pasts for gravy:
1. Make smooth past soaked cashews with 1/2tbs curd.
2. Pureed the tomatoes.
3. In a grinder, make it past with coconut and 1tbs curd.
4. Blend together the onions, ginger, garlic, cardamoms and the poppy seeds.

Fry the onion past in oil till brown and the oil begins to separate. Add the pureed tomatoes, chopped green chillies and the all the powders. Add coconut past, stir fry for 2 mints. Add the sugar and the cashew nuts past. Mix in some water. When the gravy comes to a boil, add the fried moong dumplings. cover the lid and heat through. Add milk, when the gravy will begin to thick. Let it cook for 2 mints without lid and switch of the stove.