Tuesday, May 13, 2008


For Dough:

Plain flour/ maida - 4 Cups

Suji ravva (optional) - 1/2 Cup

Ghee - 2 Tbsp

Oil for deep frying

Cooking soda

For Filling:

Dry Coconut 2 Tbsp

Sesame seeds 2 Tbsp

Urda daal 2 Tbsp

Groundnut 2 Tbsp

Sugar 5 Tbsp

Cardamom 4 no.

  • Mix all plain flour, suji, salt, ghee and enough water to make smooth and soft dough and keep it aside for 30 mints.

  • Make small lime size balls from the dough. Roll them into thin pooris. Place 1 spoon of the prepared filling on one side of the poori and fold the other side over and press the ends together firmly. Make sure that the edge is closed firmly or the contents may spill off while frying.

  • Heat oil and fry kajjikayalu two or three at a time till golden brown

Filling Preparation :

  • Take a pan and dry roast the dry coconut, sesame, ground nut, Urad daal separately on low flame.

  • Crush the groundnut and dry coconut in grinder . In the same grinder powder the sugar and cardamom, urad daal, sesame separately.

  • Now mix all these powders into crushed groundnut and coconut . Now filling is ready.


Uma said...

Mmm. kajjikayalu. Thini chala rojulaindi. The picture is awesome. can I have one of those kajjikayalu. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. Have you registered in Taste of India? so that we don't miss your yummy recipes. You have a great blog.

Andhra Flavors said...

Yes Uma I should register in taste of india after my blog two months old. thankU Uma for Your nice encouragement.

easycrafts said...

Lovely sweet dish...thanks for participating

jayasree said...

Kajjikayalu takes me back to my hostel days. We had cartons of this sent from Puttaparthi and were served for tea for days together. Thanks for bringing back my memories

Devi Priya said...

One of my favorites.