Monday, February 9, 2009

Perfect Malai Kofta

   I had made this last month for Ritvik's birthday but didn’t have time to write about this. Now I finally got some time to post this delicious recipe.
    "Malai kofta" this name brings me back my sweet Hyderabad days. First time I had this malai kofta in Hyderabad, I didn't remember where it is in Hyderabad. But I had this more often in Haweli, which is my favourite hotel in Hyderabad . I think this is the perfect dish for the parties.

For Koftas:

2            Potatoes
50g       Beans
1/2        Peas
1/2 cup Chopped Cabbage
1/2 cup Grated Carrot
1 tbs      Grated Cheese
2 tbs      Cornflour
1/2 sp   Chilly powder

For Gravy:

3      Onions 
3      Tomatoes
2tbs Almonds 
1tsp Chilly powder 
1Sp  Coriander powder
1Sp  Masala powder 
1/2" Ginger 
3big  Garlic pods
1sp   Poppy seeds 
2       Cardamom's 
1tbs  Cheese 
1/2sp Sugar
1/2cup Cream(optional)

Preparation of Kofta:

Boil and smash the beans, potatoes, peas( in the picture, didn't smash the peas yet. but we must do). Squeeze out the juice from carrot. 

Mix all the boiled and smashed veggies, chopped cabbage, grated cheese, carrot, cornflour, salt and chilly powder  to be rolled into balls

and deep fried. keep it aside.          


Preparation of the Gravy:

Soak the poppy seeds and almonds for 15 mints.
Boil the tomatoes for 5 mints and pureed it. set aside.
Boil the onions for 10 mints and grind along with ginger, garlic, chilly powder, coriander powder, masala powder, turmeric powder, cardamoms, soaked poppy seeds and almonds.


Heat the  oil in a deep pan and fry the onion and masala past till light brown. Add the tomato puree to this fry again until the oil begins to separate from the gravy. Now add the sugar, followed by the  cheese stir one minute and add the salt and 1cup water. Bring the gravy to a boil and then reduce the fire to a simmer. Gently add the koftas to this gravy and remove from the stove. 


Alka said...

The koftas in gravy looks too inviting !
Btw just bit curious,that u havent used any green chillies ,neither in koftas ,nor in gravy,so does chilly powder provides sufficient HOTNESS to the final dish?
Coz i always use green chillies in both(gravy and koftas)and they aren't that spicy even then

rekhas kitchen said...

hummm yummmy asusual perfect pic. hello yela vunnaru maree anta bussy na koftas chudataniki chala bagunnayiu

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow scrummy kofta's dear. Love the presentation. Looks spicy, saucy and yummylicious. Bookmarked. Noru vurutundi.....

Asha said...

Beautiful looking gravy, last photo could go to "Orange" event. Love the thick masala! :)

Happy cook said...

Can you send me the huge pot this side please.

TS said...

That looks so good! I think Malai Kofta have to be one of the most delicious creations ever.....I love serving it for special events.

the spice who loved me

Cham said...

Looks so good ur malai koftas and make me drool over ur picture

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Looks so perfect. YUM!. Lovely nice color. Mouthwatering....

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

yes... it does look super perfect.. the last pic is sooo good and i can sense how well it would have come out.

suchi's world said...
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Akal's Saappadu said...

that looks so yummy and rich!

Vani said...

Kofta curry looks delicious! Loved the gravy, especially!

Gloria said...

This look wonderful!!and tasty!
Thanks by stopping in my blog, you are welcome!!! Gloria


Thats really tempting one,think lots of work to be done,but the result seems to be worth:)

Seena said...

Interesting recipes! Would love to try that coconut rolls.. :)

Seena said...

Interesting recipes, would love to try out the coconut rolls! :)

Sia said...

they look perfect indeed :)

Deepa Hari said...

Koftas look Yum in the gravy...Nice one.

Vaishali said...

That kofta looks just gorgeous. Glad the cream's optional. Lovely job!

pooja said...

Looking delicious.Mee blog chala bagundi.Nice recipes.Thanks for visiting mine.

n33ma said...

Malai kofta must have been a hit at the party..

Varunavi said...

Chala bagundi, it is mouthwatering.Thanks for dropping a comment on my come again

Varunavi said...

Chala bagundi, it is mouthwatering.Thanks for dropping a comment on my come again

Varunavi said...

Chala bagundi, it is mouthwatering.Thanks for dropping a comment on my come again

Rosie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and what a beautiful blog you have here. I adore your header with the red rose.

Your koftas in gravy look scrummy!

Rosie x

Sujatha said...

koftas look awesome! I like your step to step photos.. good post!

Suma Rajesh said...

woo this looks yummy and rich texture..

Priyanka Narayan said...

how many people does this dish serve?